Arts & Crafts Entryway Door Panels

The Arts & Crafts movement in stained glass began in the later 1900’s and lasted into the beginning of the 20th century. The style is also known as Mission and one of the most famous proponents is Frank Lloyd Wright. Our clients wanted their four entryway door panels to exhibit the traits of this style.

Pamela designed these panels leaning towards an elegant simplicity in line and the clients chose beautiful glasses. The most striking is the middle pink glass with multi colored swirls. “This is one of the most incredible glasses I have ever worked with,” says Pamela. “The effect of the light coming through is nothing short of spectacular. I loved having them in my studio window as I worked on the commission.”

From the client:

“Pam, We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful panels you created for our front door. The colors are truly extraordinary and the look is exquisite. You did a great job and we thank you for this.”
– Dr. David Isaacs

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