Stained Glass Restoration

Each panel is examined carefully with a documentation in description, photos and templates. If the lead is not corroded, it is preserved. Otherwise, decomposed lead is removed and the panel is releaded and puttied. Broken panes of glass are replaced with glass that most closely matches. If a pane is cracked very slightly, the pane is preserved with a very fine line of copper foil and solder, unless the line is going to be detrimental to the design. The process of restoration is more detailed and labor-intensive than creating a new panel.

Chateau de Gudanes

Stained Glass Restoration Project Chateau-Verdun, France I recently had the honor of beginning a large stained glass restoration project at the Chateau Gudanes in the south west of France. The project includes the restoration of two very large windows that are in the vestibule of the Chateau and two beautifully …

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Original Tiffany Stained Glass Window Repair

Probably the most important repair of any stained glass window for Pamela was this original Tiffany stained glass window. The crack was barely visible in a lower left hand corner. But it was the joy of having this incredible work of Art in her studio that was a career highlight. …

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Victorian Floral Window

Created in 1890 for a townhouse in Washington, D.C., Pamela restored the window which was in a state of disrepair. The glass is beautiful and has been restored to its former glory.

Arts & Crafts Flower

This lovely design in the style of the Arts & Crafts movement shows how simple and beautiful go hand-in-hand. The cranberry glass changes color with the daylight. One of Pamela’s favorites.

Victorian Address Transom #9

A home built in 1890 in Washington, D.C. is being restored. The restoration includes returning 12 stained glass windows to their former glory. Pamela has completed the address transom which sits over the entrance. The glass pieces manufacturered over a century ago are beautiful in color and texture. The bold …

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Vintage Door Panels

When Pamela received the two vintage stained glass door panels, they were in a very bad state. Over 100 years of grime layered the glass and the lead was badly deteriorated. A full restoration was required to return these beautiful panels to their original glory.

Baltimore Address Transom

Baltimore Address Transom A restoration of a 130 year old Baltimore, Maryland stained glass address transom. Pamela glued many pieces with museum quality epoxy to save the original glass, which is stunning. The architect found it in the trash on the building site. Thank goodness he saved it and brought …

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Restoration Victorian Stained Glass Window

Victorian Stained Glass Window

This lovely Victorian stained glass window is well over one hundred years old. Pamela replaced the disintegrating lead and broken glass to restore it to its original beauty.

Prairie Window Restoration

Prairie Window Restoration A large 100 year old window with three separated panels was brought to Pamela. The client asked if she could make one large window panel. Pamela disassembled the old stained glass window, cleaned the glass like new, releaded, puttied and added patina. The photos show the journey.

Tanglewood Conservatory Restoration

McLean Stained Glass Studios was commissioned by the Tanglewood Conservatories Company to restore a broken stained glass window due to 70 mph winds. These photos are a chronicle of the restoration. The Conservatory, the full restoration, and the installation.

Emerald Green Edwardian Entryway

Emerald Green Edwardian Entryway

A commission for a full restoration of an entryway door. Pamela suggested that adding a band of color would give it some interest, and the owner chose emerald green. The large handmade glass nuggets are beautiful and prismatic, as is the beveled border.

Frank Lloyd Wright Restoration

Frank Lloyd Wright Restoration

The large panel came to Pamela with broken glass and in need of a full restoration. The picture shows Pamela’s completed work, hanging in the client’s home.

Restoration Classic Tudor Diamond Door

The diamond pattern is a classic pattern dating back to early English grand homes from the 16th century. It was more stable than square cut panes, hence used more often. The two panels were brought to Pamela, literally hanging by a thread. These are very old leaded glass panels feature …

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1880’s Window Restoration

I was commissioned to restore this historically significant stained glass from the late 1800’s. When I received the window, it was extremely damaged and broken. It never fails to take my breath away when I see the stained glass returned to its original glory.

Irises with Edwardian Border

The Irises came to Pamela’s studio with broken pieces and deteriorating copper foil. Pamela redesigned the border irises, keeping with the integrity of the overall design. She then added a double border. The cobalt blue creates a wonderful juxtaposition of color abutting the floral design. The outer border was inspired …

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Victorian Transom

When the Victorian transom was brought to Pamela, it was in a state of complete deterioration. The panel was over 100 years old and the lead was like tissue paper. The owner wanted it to be returned to its original glory and even enlarged by adding extra borders. Pamela began …

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“A noble man who lost his son in the WTC on 911 came to me with this large stained glass that was all cracked and in shambles. As I worked on this full restoration project over these last few weeks, I wanted to do the best of my ability for …

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1900 Stained Glass Window Restoration

This window panel from around 1900 was brought to Pamela for restoration. She first removed it from a decomposing wood frame. The outer green glass border was covered with paint, panes were broken, putty was falling out and it was in need of an intense restoration cleaning. The panel is …

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Charles Gessford Historical Stained Glass Panels

I was commissioned to restore very significant historical stained glass panels that came from a a rowhouse on Capitol Hill. The home was built by one of Washington, D.C.’s most prolific architects, Charles Gessford (1831-1894). He was the most well-known architect in Capitol Hill in the late 19th century who …

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1910 Lamp Design

This beautiful lamp was given to Pamela to repair because some of the panes had cracked and needed replacing. The cranberry glass is stunning. And it is expensive because it is made with gold. But it is worth it when the lamp shade is illuminated!