Lerner Sidelights and Transom

This design began with a classic styled transom but with a twist. The glass used is a gorgeous and very rare mouth blown golden glass, and each piece is a different shade of gold. The design extending down the sidelights had to flow perfectly with the transom. Tradional Georgian sidelights would have been too elaborate. Pamela was inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the Arts and Crafts movement, and designed the sidelights using the same golden glass and the gorgeous cobalt.

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Thank you for sending the photos. WOW, what a difference this makes. Complete ! And really beautiful. Lauren, Noah….hope you are happy with the final results!!!



Lee DeFord
DeFord Sharp Interiors, Inc


We could not be more thrilled or excited about the gorgeous side panels! The entryway looks complete and finished in a way we couldn’t have imagined.

Thank you so much for your beautiful work! Our project manager was there when the panels were installed and sent us pictures… we were in California at the time for a family wedding and I’m pretty sure we managed to show every member of my family the photos, to which the universal response was WOW! We absolutely love it!!

Lauren and Noah​

Lerner Enterprises
Rockville, Maryland

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