Charles Gessford Historical Stained Glass Panels

I was commissioned to restore very significant historical stained glass panels that came from a a rowhouse on Capitol Hill. The home was built by one of Washington, D.C.’s most prolific architects, Charles Gessford (1831-1894). He was the most well-known architect in Capitol Hill in the late 19th century who built more houses in that area beginning in 1875 than any other builder, each one more often than not square-cornered and with red pressed brick, stone trim, door transoms and stained glass windows.

When I received the four crated panels, upon opening them, I saw that they were in severely damaged condition. The lead was corroded, the panels were extensively deflected (bowed) and there were many broken and cracked pieces of glass. The borders were complete eroded and separated from the panels. The pictures tell a story of the restoration of these beautiful panels and how I was able to return them to their original glory.

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