Prismatic Basketweave

Simple but powerful design with an interplay of textures and prismatic light. The clients commissioned the panel for an entryway door.

Victorian Address Transom #9

A home built in 1890 in Washington, D.C. is being restored. The restoration includes returning 12 stained glass windows to their former glory. Pamela has completed the address transom which sits over the entrance. The glass pieces manufacturered over a century ago are beautiful in color and texture. The bold …

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Wildflowers Mosaic Sidelights

The commission for sidelights with the Wildflower mosaics will be used as entryway sidelights. The Art glasses flow through the spectrum of colors and look beautiful as light pours through.

Emerald Green Edwardian Entryway

Emerald Green Edwardian Entryway

A commission for a full restoration of an entryway door. Pamela suggested that adding a band of color would give it some interest, and the owner chose emerald green. The large handmade glass nuggets are beautiful and prismatic, as is the beveled border.