Victorian Panel Restoration

This is a Victorian Panel that is over 100 years old, and was brought to us in a state of complete disintegration. The panel had belonged to client’s grandmother, and meant a lot to her. Not only was the lead in shambles but quite a few of the glass pieces were broken or missing. Pamela took it apart, cleaned all the glass, made a template and numbered all the pieces. She then carefully selected glass that would match as closely as possible, and reconstructed the panel with a double border. These stained glass panels are works of art, and this one in particular is so beautiful. The borders of stained glass frame the beautiful images inside.

Our master carpenter made a frame for the finished panel and it is now hanging in her living room.

From the satisfied client:

I hung my beautiful window today – I am hypnotized by the beauty! Thank you for bringing this work of art back into the light!

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