Original Tiffany Stained Glass Window Repair

Probably the most important repair of any stained glass window for Pamela was this original Tiffany stained glass window. The crack was barely visible in a lower left hand corner. But it was the joy of having this incredible work of Art in her studio that was a career highlight. …

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Pink Gold Koi

Pamela created the pink gold koi when a client came to her studio wanting to purchse a similar panel with orange koi. The client decided she wanted koi made with the beautiful pink gold glass, a rich cranberry which is actually made with gold. The other glass used is Uroborous …

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Victorian Floral Window

Created in 1890 for a townhouse in Washington, D.C., Pamela restored the window which was in a state of disrepair. The glass is beautiful and has been restored to its former glory.

Arts & Crafts Flower

This lovely design in the style of the Arts & Crafts movement shows how simple and beautiful go hand-in-hand. The cranberry glass changes color with the daylight. One of Pamela’s favorites.

Prismatic Basketweave

Simple but powerful design with an interplay of textures and prismatic light. The clients commissioned the panel for an entryway door.

The Koi Pond Mosaic

When Pamela received the commission to create six mosaics for a beautiful pool house in McLean, Virginia, she was delighted as her love of mosaics allow her freedom in color and design. The glass pieces are a wonderful mix of Youghiogheny and Uroborous Art glass and rainbow optical glass. They …

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Victorian Address Transom #9

A home built in 1890 in Washington, D.C. is being restored. The restoration includes returning 12 stained glass windows to their former glory. Pamela has completed the address transom which sits over the entrance. The glass pieces manufacturered over a century ago are beautiful in color and texture. The bold …

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Octopus Mosaic

Octopus Mosaic Octopus was created for a home in Florida with the style of Roman mosaics as Pamela’s inspiration. It is four square feet and the backing is glass, allowing the light to illuminate the design and glass tesserae. “Light Is Life To Glass.”

Orchids Galore

Orchids Galore

Orchids in an array of mosaics. Multi colored glasses surrounded by broken pieces of tempered glass. A joy to create!

Victorian Fleur de Lis

Victorian Fleur de Lis

Pamela created a Victorian style stained glass for a client who designed a room specifically for this work.

Restoration Victorian Stained Glass Window

Victorian Stained Glass Window

This lovely Victorian stained glass window is well over one hundred years old. Pamela replaced the disintegrating lead and broken glass to restore it to its original beauty.

Prairie Window Restoration

Prairie Window Restoration A large 100 year old window with three separated panels was brought to Pamela. The client asked if she could make one large window panel. Pamela disassembled the old stained glass window, cleaned the glass like new, releaded, puttied and added patina. The photos show the journey.

Victorian Floral

Victorian Floral

Pamela teamed up with interior designer, Elizabeth Mitchell of Finesse Design Remodeling. Elizabeth designed the beautiful Victorian styled window which is now installed in her client’s kitchen. Art glass was chosen which glows when the light pours in.

Wildflowers Mosaic Sidelights

The commission for sidelights with the Wildflower mosaics will be used as entryway sidelights. The Art glasses flow through the spectrum of colors and look beautiful as light pours through.