Jerry Bros. Sign

A caring mother-in-law contacted Pamela about a surprise Christmas gift for her daughter-in-law, Donna. Donna’s father had worked in the Jerry Bros. factory for 60 years. At the front of the building was a 100byear old stained glass sign with the company’s name.

After his passing, Donna asked the building’s owners if they would sell her the sign. They couldn’t, as it was designated an historical building. So the mother-in-law, Lily, asked Pamela if she could replicate the sign in time for Christmas. Needless to say, the story touched Pamela’s heart and using only a couple of photos taken from an angle, she was able to first copy the lettering, and then match the background glass.

The best part was receiving a card from Lily. She wrote, “Donna broke down and cried and said she wished her mom could see it. Very touching moment that it meant so much to her. Thanks for being a part of our Christmas celebration”

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